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Akademia për trajnim dhe zhvillim

The latest focus in AITONIX’s work is the creation of a training and development academy that will offer quality and modern systems for personal and professional advancement, divided into the following core categories: IT (programming and technologies), sales, communication and effectiveness, marketing.

The Academy for Training and Development is a new part of the AITONIX company which goal is to build a quality system for the  education and preparation of working staff and to help develop and upgrade the capacity of people who want to reach the desired employment or promotion.

The educational process is built on the basis of a detailed selection of current topics, which are important requirements from the business community, professional experts and an interactive curriculum, which allows each student to get the desired new skills easily and quickly.

The education system of the AITONIX Academy is based on GK methodology and applies all its successful strategies and processes to achieve maximum results. The basis of the methodology is the successful way of inspiration, which reveals the full potential of the students and provides successful and practical strategies for the personal and professional development.

We believe that every person can develop his qualities and reach his dreams regardless of  age, sex or place of residence. We are eager to meet all the enthusiasts who want to improve their lives on a professional path and we are happy to offer them great variants to do so – from quality training to employment in a modern and successful company. We are expecting you!

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