20 years experience in the IT world!

About us

AITONIX is one of the largest IT wholesale distribution and software design company that operates on the Macedonian market and the neighboring markets as well, including Albania, Kosovo and Bulgaria. Thanks to the business principles and quality services policy, we become a key factor in the IT sector in Macedonia.  AITONIX stands as the official distributor of some of the world most famous IT brands, such as Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Lexmark, Microsoft, Xerox etc. Besides distribution of IT products, the company has a team of highly qualified experts for development of specialized software solutions. Key service provided is the post-sale certified care which complies with all international standards. With successful operation in mind, by simple communication model and visibility, the company is comprised between the following sectors:

  • Sales
  • Product management
  • Service and technical support
  • IT Sector
  • Finance and administration
  • Logistics
  • Marketing

Our mission is to be a recognized ICT company on the Macedonian and the regional technology market, by offering a wide portfolio of high quality products and services. We are proud of our relations with partners and clients and we continue to invest in their development and improvement. Our partners can rely on us at every step of the work and business processes. We have the motivation, professionalism and results thanks to which AITONIX is ranked as one of the 200 most successful companies in Macedonia.


Our vision for the company development is focused on ICT products and technology solutions (software and hardware) as part of our modern life. We believe that their impact on business and everyday life will constantly increase, therefore we are focusing on the development of modern technologies and solutions that can be implemented and improve the business of companies in the region.


The company was founded in 2000 with core business sales of computers and computer equipment. Over the years, the company activity expanded and penetrated in other segments, including distribution of various IT products from the world’s most famous brands. We invested in building a modern service center and improvment of the software development department regarding the needs of our customers. Today AITONIX is one of the leading ICT companies in Macedonia, focused on recognizing market needs and offering functional and complete ICT solutions.

Work standards

  • With its many years of experience, expertise and professionalism, AITONIX offers to its clients quality products and services, while meeting all requirements and according with the international working standards in the field of trade in computer equipment, servicing and software development.
  • AITONIX continuously monitors the level of customer satisfaction, studying their recommendations, requests and complaints, and using them to improve products and services characteristics and the quality management system.
  • As one of the largest customer products and IT wholesale distribution company, AITONIX strives to maintain high professionalism and loyalty to its partners and customers.
  • The management of AITONIX provides motivation, involvement and commitment in order to achieve the strategic goals and objectives of the company.
  • AITONIX strives to maintain a highly-qualified team and motivated employees aware of the importance of their actions, while achieving smooth, on time and accurate communication and proper knowledge distribution.
  • AITONIX supports the Quality Management System according with the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 requirements.
  • AITONIX strives to identify the risks and opportunities in the operations, to manage them proactivly for the purpose of improving the products, processes and the Quality Management System.
  • In its operations, AITONIX applies processing approach and performs identification, planning, introduction, control and continuous improvement of all processes that influence the quality of products and services. Determines and collects the necessary information about the flow of these processes and measures the results in relation with their productivity.
  • The Management periodically performs control of the policy, the Quality Management System functioning, the achievment of the quality objectives, and the setting of new ones.
  • AITONIX declares that the management and the entire staff main goal is to create and deliver its customers products according with their quality requirements and to guarantee confidentiality, integrity and controlled access to the information contained in the processes performed by the company.
  • AITONIX clearly determines the information security, its objectives, areas and importance level as mechanisms for providing and/or using information. On that grounds, AITONIX plans effective organizational measures that guarantee achievement of the set goals and are based on the basic principles of information security.
  • To ensure consistency of processes, protecting business interests and increasing the competitiveness and business opportunities of the company, AITONIX continuously increases the information security level and protection of information from a wide range of hazards.
  • AITONIX determines criteria as basis for risk assessment and implementation of measures for risk reduction.
  • AITONIX continuously monitors, studies and introduces the latest scientific and technical achievements in the information security management system.
  • AITONIX has highly qualified and motivated employees, performing their tasks on time and professionally for providing information security.
  • AITONIX strives each employee to be aware of the importance of its operations and to have active participation in the process of improving the information security management system.
  • In the process of implementation, support and improvement of the Information Security Management System, AITONIX operates according with ISO 27001: 2013 and other international and national standards as well as the current legislation.
  • AITONIX policy is in line with the company’s strategic risk management and will be headed in direction to maintain and improve the Information Security Management System.
  • AITONIX policy is approved by the company’s management.
  • AITONIX strives to achieve high quality implementation and development of software solutions according with the clients specific needs;
  • AITONIX offers effective and continuous support for its clients implemented software applications;
  • AITONIX identifies and makes analisys of its clients requirements in order to upgrade the implemented software applications and provide the most appropriate solution according to their needs;
  • AITONIX has highly qualified employees, all the necessary licenses and equipment for providing reliable and quality service and maintenance of IT equipment;
  • AITONIX top management provides motivation, involvement and commitment to the achievement of service management objectives.
  • AITONIX strives to identify and proactively manage risks related to high quality services delivery in order to improve the Service Management System;
  • AITONIX improves its operations continuously by introducing technology innovations, knowledge and skills development, and high quality of all offered services;
  • AITONIX supports the IT Service Management System according with the international standard ISO 20000-1: 2011 requirements;
  • AITONIX top management periodically performs control of the policy, the service management system functioning, as well as setting goals for services improvement.